The Plot of this story is the simple fact that all Galaxies are at war. They all want control of the Universe. The Demons want complete control to turn the Universe evil, The Dragons want to repopulate the universe with Dragons, The Angels, Fair Folk and Oceanic Galaxies want to control the Universe and bring complete peace and comfort, but other worlds do not. It is a fight for survival as a war has been brewing for the last millenia.

Worlds involvedEdit

LET THE WAR............................BEGIN

Ersason219 14:57, April 14, 2012 (UTC)


  1. Chapter 1 :Sensing a War....Writer: Ersason219
  2. Chapter 2: Jedi Galaxy ....Writer: Josh~son of Hyperion
  3. Chapter 3: TBA....Writer: Bladewood
  4. Chapter 4: TBA....Writer: Jack Firesword
  5. Chapter 5: TBA....Writer: Animalandia

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