Hi all, It is I Ers. I have a few suggestions on stories and Collabs in whic I invite all Interested to join please leave me a message.


  • A trembling feud between the The Leaders of the God Galaxy about Who will be surpreme ruler.
  • A cyborg Invasion that causes DC and Marvel, in the Superhero galaxy to come together as it involves all of them (Maybe Turned into Collab, Suggestions appreciated).
  • A monstocity of massive Man/God/Mythological creatures eating army of Lycans/Demons(Not from Demons Galaxy)/witches/Goblins and other horrid, mind crazed animals.


  • Expenses- A collab about six teenagers, each a different race. One is a Demon (Good), Two is a Faerie, Three is an Angel in training, Four is a Good witch, Five is a Vampire and six is a Demigod. They all experiment with their powers and this has major consequences on the City.
  • Death of all things "Normal"- A collab about a group of undead and one rogue spirit who go around hunting humans in the Human Galaxy. But when they stumble upon ancient ruins where teens are camping the Rogue Spirit turns on them leading to a war on the Human Galaxy.

Please Leave a comment below and I will get back to you.Thanks a million Help me understand my faults It seems I know no better 18:18, May 17, 2012 (UTC)

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