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  • BeholdtheVision

    I wanted to introduce the Midnight Challenge! (On Marvel Fanfiction Wiki)

    It is a story-writing contest with Three Factions; If you would like to join let me know.

    Ok, how this works is I assign you a Marvel character, and you write me a short story about them.

    I assign you someone elses Original hero, (With their permission, if their inactive then I give it anyway) and you write one story any length about them.

    I assign you one hero for a team up, and you pick the rest.

    Pleas enjoy the Midnight Challenge. Entries must be posted by June 24, 2012.

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  • BeholdtheVision

    I was invited here a bit ago, but I haven't done anything in forever . . . Becuase I have no idea what to do. Anything anyobe wants me to doi?

    and if anyone wants to help me, go over to for the Marvel Fanfiction Ultimate Upgrade, my choice to start improving this lacking wiki. Or head to my RP sites,,,,, the bizarre fanfiction/RP hybrid Hope-3, or, my best RP site,

    Please consider!

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  • BeholdtheVision

    Hello, Everybody! I am here with some ifdeas, directed at the community.

    I was going to suggest the idea that each user could have their own customized reality, with specially tailored differences. (i.e. Nazi won WWII, 3004 AD etc.)

    I just made this Hero Machine pic. I was thinking Megaforce, Captain Turbine or something. Any ideas?

    Featuring only the best from each Galaxy, it would be a team formed to protect the glaxies, with up to 3 representatives from each galaxy.

    Please consider my ideas.

    Which idea do you like the most?

    Personal Galaxies

    Elite Corps

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