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Tim Johnson;
Child of death;
son of Thanatos;
Legacy of Erebus;
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth unknown
Current age 13
Gender Male;
Family (Thanatos father)
(name unknown mother);
Status Alive;
Eye Color black;
Hair Color black;
Skin Color white
Height unknown;
Weight (in lbs) unknown
Alias {{{alias}}}
Affiliation Demi-god
Weapons Charos (a samurai sword made of asimenios silver) and Mikrí̱ (a Stygian Iron dagger)
Species Demi-god;
Home unknown;
Appearances none
Quests none

"The angel of death..." Edit

Thanatos talking to Tim​Edit

Introduction: Edit

Tim Johnson is the 13 year old son of Thanatos and the legacy of Erebus.

Appearance: Edit

Tim has black hair, black eyes (they have a sad look to them - like he is about to burst into tears), retactable grey wings and he doesn't usally smile. He usally wears light blue jeans and a green longsleeve T-shirt.

Personality: Edit

{C}Tim is a sad boy, he no longer cares about death. He is brave and clever, an amazing fighter and loves to do just that (fight).


  • Charos (a samurai sword made of asimenios silver);
  • Mikrí̱ (a Stygian Iron dagger).


Thanatoskinisis: Edit

(though only to a small degree and if Ers aproves of it)


can heal major wounds.

Other: Edit



Can fly (using his wings);

Shadow travel.

History: Edit

Tim was born in England. Tim's mother perished in a terrible fire when he was 12. In the fire were 27 deaths and only he survived. He was adoped by Dan Simpson who turned out to be a satire. Dan explaned everything to Tim and took him halfway to camp halfbood before he was killed by a northern Cyclops. Tim escaped the Cyclops and wandared around the streets of New york for 12 days before Thantos found him and told him that he was his dad gave him Charos (a samurai sword made of asimenios silver) and Mikrí̱ (a Stygian Iron dagger). Thantos told him the where abouts of camp halfblood. Tim lived at camp halfbood for a year, but wherever he went Tim Johnson brought death with him. When Tim had reached 13 years of age he was kiddnaped, but that is another story...