The Verse Curse is a collaboration formed by DarkCyberWolf. Details of The Verse Curse will be revealed only after each guest of honour has made their decision... or after May ninth, which is the deadline for the above condition.

Some Steps...Edit

The first step for those of you who have agreed is to come up with characters who may participate in the story. The Verse Curse will take place in at least Holoverse, Hellaverse, and Earth, possibly other areas, so it does not matter what or where the characters are. You can add as many characters as you desire.

Your next step is to give a word. Any word, regardless of what it is (though there are some four-letter words that I shall not approve of). Your host, DarkCyberWolf, will use these words on the Ninth of May to determine the nature of the Verse Curse (Not the story, The Verse Curse, but the actual curse that will appear in the story). It matters not what the language, part of speech, letter pattern, or meaning of the word is, but the word itself may be crucial to the story. Place the word on the Verse Word blog.

Excellent... the details of The Verse Curse's overall plot are now being typed in a secure location elsewhere in the wiki-community. No, it is not your host's message wall. These details will be disclosed when the time is right. Be prepared, for the Verse Curse will dominate...

The chapter list has begun... your host has given the name for the first chapter, the prologue. He will be writing said prologue on the Ninth of May. Afterward, the Verse Word blog will be used to discuss who will write chapter 1, chapter 2, and so forth. The prologue will explain to all of you exactly what the mysterious Verse Curse is. The remaining chapters, upon which we shall alternate writing, will be about after the Curse has begun...

C'mon, y'all... Put your characters in the list for cryin' out loud! There are TWO for crying out loud, and one is the host's!


Here, you may place your characters in list-format. Please include your name.


Prologue: She Swallowed The Bird To Catch The Spider (DarkCyberWolf) Will be written on May 9.

Chapter One: (Insert Name Here) (Cocoabean) Will be written on (Insert date here).

Chapter Two: (Insert Name Here) (Author) Will be written on (Insert date here).

Chapter Three: (Insert Name Here) (Jack Firesword) Will be written on (Insert date here).