This page contains description on the Three Heroes, each representing their domain: Earth, Water, Sky.


The Hero of the element Earth is Samuel Stafford.

Attributes / PowersEdit

Samuel had Geokinesis (control over the earth and its landscape)

Attributes: Edit

Min: 0, Max: 200

Strength: 160

Agility: 100

Intelligence: 120

Endurance: 140

Perception: 80

Reaction time (reflex): 0.4 seconds


Samuel had an extreme irrational acrophobia (fear of heights) and it is for this reason he crouches down when moving because he thinks that the sky is too far away from the ground when he stands up.


Jasmine Nelson is the hero for the element Water

Attributes / PowersEdit

Jasmine had Hydrokinesis, and the ability to breathe underwater, and going under extreme depths such as 8 kilometers below the sea level.


Min: 0, Max: 200

Strength: 150

Agility: 110

Intelligence: 135

Endurance: 150

Perception: 90

Reaction time: 0.3 seconds


Jasmine had a fear of electricity, since water is a very good conductor of electricity


The hero of the element Sky is Fletcher McLaren

Attributes / PowersEdit

Fletcher McLaren had extreme Aerokinesis (manipulation of air). He is known to survive for hours in the thin air in the Stratosphere. He is highly resistant to heat, able to withstand heat from the steaming water that is about 175 degrees celsius for about 40 minutes.


Min: 0, Max: 200

Strength: 65

Agility: 195

Intelligence: 120

Endurance: 160

Perception: 110

Reaction time: 0.001 seconds


Fletcher had an extreme irrational claustrophobia, and it is for this reason that he never stays inside a building for more than 5 minutes or else he would have a panic attack. This is because Fletcher thinks that buildings provide a barrier to his free movement and he never knows where attacks are going to take place.


Fletcher had a medical condition called Haemophilia (or Hemophilia), which is the inability for his blood to clot when there's a puncture wound. For this reason he relies on intravenous injection of drugs that would supply the blood clotting factor whenever he is injured.


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