George Sinise


A Glitch in the System

It was a good race, and it's going very well, and I kinda looked at how Victoria Millers managed to get revenge on this Hades kid. It didn't took her a long time as in no time, this hades car was sprawling on the ground. 

Anyways, enough talk, let's get on with the race. I checked my GPS, and saw that more drivers are actually in front of me. I notched up my throttle to 3/8, which is the threshold where my car can't fire my guns, and suddenly my limousine sped faster. 

I just passed Aphrodite's car, and I really want to take out her car but I was not able to, because my car is speeding faster than its safety velocity to fire the bullets. 

Victoria's car is nowhere to be seen, but I'm sure that I am not the second place after I have passed Hades's car, as Damiko returned to his car. 

I notched up the throttle again to 4/8, and as my car sped faster, I met Victoria's car. I got to admit she's riding incredibly fast, and again I am not able to fire my weapons since the car exceeds its limits of safety. In fact, it always telling me that I am going too fast. 

I did a scan on the onboard computer, and found that the safe velocity for firing the weapon is set to 10 knots. Oh Gods.... now I feel embarassed, but there should be a way to get the override the system. 

I was so focused on overriding the system that I did not realize that there's a bottle of slushies thrown at me, and I guess the Aphrodite car gets the same slushies as well. I activated the windshield wipers to clean the slushes off me and finally I got the override weapons to work, and I set it so it would fire at a maximum travelling speed of 170 knots. 

I decided not to fire yet as I pushed my throttles to 5/8, and my car sped faster and it passed Victoria's. I bet Hermes's car must be far away, so I decided taking it down would be a nice choice. I used the GPS guiding system to know where is Hermes's car, slowed down the vehicle to throttle 2/8, and fired a raligun at Hermes's car, which is miles away. I couldn't hear the explosion, but I could tell it hit two of its tyres. 

Then, I looked back, and saw Victoria's car is right behind me. I dropped off a land EMP mine, which Victoria's car managed to evade, and I pushed the throttle to 6/8, in hoping I could pass this Hermes guy. I was hoping on the way, someone would trip the land EMP mine, and taken out of the race.

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