The Thanatos wasteland is not one of the four wastelands of the world. The only reason that it is not counted as one of the four wastlands becuse it is so despicable that people do not even want to think about it.


It is full of undead, this is the reason that it is named after Thanatos the Greek god of death. As well as this it is is mostly a volcanic desert. It has extremly high level's of radiation. It is a main breeding ground for monsters, demons, Kakóand, Tartarian Spawn and many more despicable monsters.


  • The gate of hell;
  • pórtes tou thanátou;
  • vounó ti̱s flógas;
  • psi̱ló vounó;
  • to télos tou kósmou;

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  1. It is named after Thanatos - the Greek god of death;


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