Chapter 1: Finding the Hole to the Underworld Edit

I already walked to far from home, i don't know where I am. They call this place the "Rocky Plains Above the Underworld. (RPAU)" Honestly I didn't think it was a good name, but it sounded suspicous. It went far of into the South and it was so hot, I didn't bring any water but I didn't turn back. I just kept going, why? My mother fell sick under a very, very rare disease and she said she heard a rumor about one stone that can cure her special sickness. She told me the rumor said that the stone was very fiery hot only if not being used to cure someone and it was long lost to which people said to a whole colony of "Devil-Demons" as they say.

After a while of walking, I saw a hole with little embers flying out in short distances in all directions. I wasn't sure if it was just a hallucination from being thirsty or if it was real. I froze and hesitated to move again because of that hole, but I thought in my mind if I stood around then it would delay to get my mother cured but I didn't want to get near it so I stood in one spot for a while.

Chapter 2: Down and Down the HoleEdit

Although I did not want to move, I walked Closer and closer to the hole trying to stop. Eventually I was right infront of the hole, and I lost my balance, wobbled, then fell into the hole. It was the color red all around me and it was even hotter than the RPAU, hearing the snarles and grunts of devils, demons, ghosts, and god knows what else in my head. Down and down I went scared to death wondering if I was going to die. A white light shown all around me and dimmed fastly. After it dimmed I found myself in an area that almost looked like Hell. I was shaking in fear, anxiety and adreneline so I froze in my spot.

Part 2 Coming Soon...