Ogmios was the Celtic Deity of eloquence. He looked like an older version of Heracules. He was also a binding god who would use his powers of persuasion to bind men onto himself and then lead them into the underworld. Most of the knowledge about Ogmios comes from comparisons between him and powerful deities and heroes in other ancient cultures.
ABportrait d Ogmios by llewllaw

Even though there is not much on the history of Ogmios, we can tell that he was a powerful deity worshipped by the Gauls, the Celtic people of France. By looking at records and art dated to the time period of the Roman conquest of the Gauls, there is evidence of his existence

Ogmios is also sometimes compared to Hermes, a Greek deity. Hermes is also a god of eloquence and a guide to the underworld, just like Ogmios. To the Greeks Hermes was the symbol of eloquence, just as Ogmios is to the Celts. Hermes is also a psychopomp, just like Ogmios. However he is weak god. That is why the Celtics choose Heracles to be their representation of Ogmios; Heracles has more power than Hermes.


  • Binding
  • Curse Inducement
  • Death Inducement
  • Enhanced Charisma
  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Enhanced Leadership
  • Human Manipulation