The Ninja Galaxy is a galaxy that is inhabited by ninjas practicing the Way of the Warrior. It has a rivalry with the Storm Galaxy and the Ursa Major Galaxy.

History Edit

In the early years of the galaxy, the first Dragonic Kaiser isolated it for fear that it would be influenced by the other galaxies, removing their culture. As time passed, during the reign of the second Dragonic Kaiser, the Storm Galaxy forced it to open its gates to intergalactic trade which the current Kaiser complied to.

Government Edit

There are 108 worlds in the Ninja Galaxy, each ruled by a feudal lord. The lords are watched over by the six Dragon Kings. The Dragonic Kaiser, one of the six Dragon Kings and the Thunder Dragon Guardian King, is the supreme ruler of the Ninja Galaxy and all officials answer to him. The officials assisting the Kaiser are the three civil officials, three military officials and hosts of armies lead by top generals. The nine sons of the Kaiser are appointed officials pertaining to their roles, such as the military, food, trade and others. The seven daughter of the Kaiser play lesser roles as their government positions are based on abstract concepts such as love, fortune, longevity and such.

Culture Edit

Unlike most galaxies, the Ninja Galaxy has a closed trade economy and is notoriously hostile to some good monsters and umbrakinetics. This has been a bone of contention between the galaxies themselves.

The inhabitants of the Ninja Galaxy are notorious for their superstistions. It was said that for every world in the Ninja Galaxy, there are a thousand taboos.

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