Lilith City

Lilith CityEdit

Lilith City (named after the fabled "Queen of Demons") is the main hub city in Hellaverse. It is home to the Demon Castles and the Abbadonian Markets.

Demon CastlesEdit

In Lilith City, there are four, giant Demon Castles. Each one is home to one the kings or queens. The kings live in the east castles, and the queens in the west.
Demon Castle Example

Abbadonian MarketsEdit

The Abbadonian Markets are the worst back alley markets ever to exist. Assassins hide in the shadows, prostitues crowd the corners, drunken bikers soar through the streets on their winged mounts. Drug lords reside in their large, demonic casinos and slave trade can be seen happening in every parking lot.
Abbadonian Markets

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