"Lightbringers. Nephilim. Beings of light, marked by the angels. Light is their weapons and armour."


The Lightbringers(also called Nephilim or the Doves) are humans either marked by angels or have angel blood in them.

They are sometimes described as half-angel, though it not specifically true.

They reside in a city in Terrasea, Eden, named after the Garden of Eden.

Like the Shadowchasers, they are lead by a "grandmaster", who is the oldest and strongest Lightbringer alive.

Like the shadowchasers, they are demon hunters, though they rely on spells rather than melee combat. And though they have the same job as the shadowchaser, they are not allies. Rather just two groups with a truce.


Lightbringers are humans, with angel blood in them, or have been marked.

Lightbringers can only be made in two ways, either by being marked or being injected with angel blood.

For marked lightbringers, they have to be marked by an angel. They gain the powers of a normal nephilim, but however the mark is not hereditary, which means their children will not be nephilim.

For lightbringers who are injected with angel blood however, they not only receive the powers of a nephilim but their children, and any generation after them, will be lightbringers.

Their are two types of combat orientated nephilim. Templars and Priests.

Templars are melee combantants, they wield weapons such as sword, and whips.

Priests are full spell users. They use runes to their full extent and are very skilled with it.


Lightbringers usually have bright eyes, though their hair colour can be any colour. Their attire are usually simple white cotton.

Their armour is made of "Light-steel", giving its silver colour. Their weapons also are made from the same metal.

Lightbringers wield steles, which they draw runes with light and create spells. Inflicting harm upon any being with demon blood/demonic origins.


They exist in Eden, their own city located in Terrasea.


Photokinesis: All nephilim can manipulate light. They use it to create runes and spells.

Sorcery: They are able to write angelic spells through runes. This is their primary source of attack. There are many types of runes, able to heal or burn demon flesh. Runes can be used in variety of ways.


The lightbringers were inspired by the Shadowhunters from the mortal instrument series.

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