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"What a mistake I am.. My father has the gorgeous Isis..And who did he choose to have me? My mom.. "

--Katarina talking to her friend, May, another demigod.

Katarina Biermann is a demigod who is the daughter of Osiris and Katrina Biermann.

Katarina Biermann
Demigod me
Jewel of the Night
Princess of the Underworld
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth May 8th, 1995
Current age 16
Gender Female
Family Katrina Biermann- Mother

Osiris- Father

Status Alive
Eye Color Light brown
Hair Color Light brown
Skin Color Caucasian
Height 5'6"
Weight (in lbs) 110 pounds
Alias White Jewel
Affiliation Not decided
Weapons Powers
Species Demigod
Home Nomadic- lives in various places
Appearances Demigod Stories
Quests None yet.