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Josh McLean
Josh Golden Form
Son of Hyperion
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 27 February 1997
Current age 12
Gender Male
Family Isa McLean - Mother

Hyperion - Father

Status Alive
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Gold
Skin Color Tan - Fully Sunbathed

Tannish White - Normal

Height 4'8
Weight (in lbs) 70
Alias  ??
Affiliation Demititans
Weapons Golden sword and shield
Species Demititan
Home Flooded Forest - Current
Appearances not yet
Quests not yet

Josh McLean is the son of Hyperion, the titan lord of light.


Josh McLean ran away since the age of 7, and has now been living in foster home. He lives in fear of demons that waged war on the humans. He is so afraid of them, not to mention the fact that his mother also treats him cruelly. His mother is the daughter of Apollo and his grandfather is the son of Artemis.


Josh McLean is a sad little boy, who had been adopted by his friend, Ariel Tweeto. Josh literally cries for most of the time, and this is due to his traumatic childhood, where his friends had been taunting him and calling him names. Josh is also crybaby, crying over the smallest things.

But inside, he is determined. He hasn't showed determination yet because it is Josh's early stage of developing into a hero.


  • Can absorb light for his energy
  • Can emit light from any part of his body