"The Jedi Galaxy"


It has been 7 long years since the force have been tainted by some unknown force outside thie galaxy, and Obi-Wan still haven't found out why, but the force that a jedi possesses are becoming infinitesimally weaker in the past 7 years. Sure the force is just the way it is, but Master Yoda had detected a slight change to the force, which it shouldn't have happened.

Over the past 7 years, all kinds of species, demigods, gods, demons, angels, fairies and even pixies were invading this galaxy. The world of the Jedis have been damaged and it will took them several generation to rebuild.

Anakin Skywalker was just training another jedi so Anakin can become a jedi master. Anakin taught this new padawan how to wield a sword, and how to feel his surroundings with his force.

The new padawan, Mr. Conrad Roth, is learning quickly on real life combat. He and Anakin is assigned on a task to infiltrate Jabba's lair and free Slave leia.

Meanwhile, Obiwan continued on his research on his computer to find out the cause of the taint of the force. In fact, the force that has been tainted are so miniscule that it took the greatest of the jedi to sense it.

"God Galaxy"


Jupiter had been busy. God-Man kept travelling back and forth between galaxies to resolve any conflict between them. To be honest, God-Man belonged to the Superhero Galaxy, but due to his omnipotent powers, he is allowed in this galaxy, but he kept himself humble.

In fact, a few years ago, I have received a prophecy that someday God-Man will bring peace to all of the galaxies.