a Angel that was cast down to earth by his superiors, known as The
White angel
Fallen One.


He was a normal angel until he was cast down to earth for falling in love with an Angel of Death named Ashley, he could never go back to his people until he sacrified a human life, a female life so that he could defeat his demon that was planted inside him when he was cast down.

With Ashley, who also lived on the earth he set out to find the perfect sacrifice and when he comes across a small town he meets a highschool girl that fits the sacrifice perfectly....but will he accidently fall in love again or will he go back to where he came from?


So handsome its not human like most angels, paper white hair and skin but dark, black e

yes, he wears mostly a white t-shirt, jacket and blue, faded jeans along with boots.


He is very protective of his past, not letting anyone into his mind execpt for Diana, the girl who he means to sacrifice, he is seemingly charming and humourous with her but avoids questions she asks about his past like where he used to live.


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