IsaBeth is a half human, half bird child. She has soft white wings, flexible bones and long brown hair, that get's windblown when she flys. She has two siblings, both of which died in Destiny of Death , leaving her alone.

She has a strong personality, and doesn't do what anyone tells her, making her hated by most people right on the spot. She lives in Arizona, near the Four Corners. Her favorite things to do, is procrastinate and complain. 

IsaBeth likes to be called Isa for short, or Beth but mostly Isa. She does not have a boyfriend, but has a crush on Zach another winged half-child (half human, half bird). He has dark hair, that makes her go crazy, they match his eyes.

IsaBeth doesn't know who her parents, are as they were seperated at birth, like all other half-children are when they come out with wings. She thinks her last name is "Welse" so that's what they call her most of the time.

It is against the laws of Pangea (the nation) to have affairs with half-children as they tend to generate more half-children. Of course it happens anyways. It is unkown who the first mortal was to have an affair with a bird (they say it was an enchanted bird) but IsaBeth want's to find them, and smack them for ruining her life.

Seen in these books:

Destiny of Death



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