Heroes is a serial saga about people all over the world discovering that they have superpowers and trying to deal with how this change affects their lives. The heroes themselves are discovering what having superpowers means to them as well as the larger picture of where their superpowers come from.


Peter Petrelli- Power Mimicry and multiple aquired abilites i.e Electricity, flight etc.

Nathan Petrelli- (Peter's Brother) Flight

Claire Bennet- Rapid Cellular Regeneration

Hiro Nakamura- Space-Time Manipulation (Allowing Teleportation, Time Manipulation and Time Travel)

Matt Parkman- Telepathy, Mind Control (Also Pushing Thoughts) and Precognition through Art

Niki Sanders- Enhanced Strength (D.I.D which brings out her Alter Ego Jessica)

Angela Petrelli- Enhanced Dreaming (Allowing Precognition Dreaming and Postcognitive dreaming)

Mohinder Suresh- Initially none but after Injection of "Formula" Receives Super Reflexes, Agility and Strength

Ando Masahashi- Initially none but after injection of the "Formula" receives Power Amplificaton and energy projection.

Tracy Strauss- Freezing, Water Mimicry and Manipulation

Micah Sanders- Technopathy

Maya Herrera- Poison Emission

Elle Bishop- Electricity Projection/Manipulation

Issac Mendez- Precognition through visual art.

Monica Dawson- Adoptive Muscle Memory

D.L Hawkins- Phasing.

Other Superhero Beings:Edit

Sylar (Gabriel Grey): Intuitive Aptitude, Empathic Mimicry and multiple aquired abilities i.e Shapeshifting

Bob Bishop- Alchemy (Ability to turn Metal to Gold).

Arthur Petrelli- Absorbtion of other's abilities i.e Poison Emission and Power Mimicry

Daphne Millbrook- Enhanced Speed

Matt Parkman Jr.- Activate and Deactivate Electronic, Mechanical and even superpowers.

Eric Doyle- "Puppet Mastery" Ability to control people like a puppet.

Meredith Gordon- Pyrokinesis

The Haitian- Memory Erasing and Power suppression (When in the radius)

Charlie Andrews- Memorize and Recall any information quickly with exceptional accuracy.

Eden McCain- Persuation

Candice Wilmer- Illusion Casting

West Rosen- Flight

Luke Campbell- Microwave Beam emission

Ishi Nakamura- Healing Kisses

Alice Shaw (Angela's Sister)- Weather Manipulation.

Alex Woolsley- Underwater Breathing.

Alejandro Herrera- Absorb and Neutralize poison emission through physical contact.

Dale Smither- Enhanced Hearing.

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