Mostly good

Threat level

2/10, unless threatened

Powers and Abilities

Weapon proficiency, nature magic


Forests, seas, skies





Elves are a race of beings with magic powers and supernatural beauty originating from Alfheimr. They are interested in humans like fairies and are capable of helping them or harming them.

Description Edit

Elves look like humans, only that they have pointy ears and are inhumanely beautiful, even if they are old. In their world, they are ruled over by a king.

Like fairies, elves dance from evening until morning in fairy rings. When humans watch them dance, it would seem like a few minutes have passed, when in fact, an hour has passed. They live in homes of rock or wood and their settlements are found in dense forests. The elves are committed to preserving nature, and if anyone disturbs the balance, they would fight back using bows and arrows, spears, swords or their powers.

Types Edit

Grey Elves Edit

The grey elves are not as advanced as any of the elves, but they prefer living near the sea, coastal areas, lakes and islands. They are expert mariners and sailors and excel at poetry, music, lore and epic literature.

High Elves Edit

The most civilized of the elves, High Elves live in stone cities and see themselves as purer and most better than other races, including the other elves. They are proficient in magic, and are known for their rivalry with dwarfs like all elves.

Dark Elves Edit

Dark Elves are notorious for their aggression, deceit, and stealth. They are very brutal and cruel by nature, having little mercy when it comes to cheating, battling, or anything dealing with the life of another being. They have little respect for even their own kind, at times waging war against each other. However, clans are known to band together, to combat invasions and attacks by other races. Many dwell underground. They live in subterranean cities.

Forest Elves Edit

These elves live in the woods, isolated from society. They are closely connected with nature and defend it from any aggressors.

Water Elves Edit

Like the forest elves, they live in undersea communities away from civilization. They too, are connected with their element.

Sky Elves Edit

These elves live in communities in the sky. Because of their destination, their communities are hard to invade, and the elves have the power to protect it since they have learned to control the elements and creatures of their environment.

Powers and abilities Edit

Aside from being good at weaponry and strategy, elves possess many magical powers relating to their element.

Relationships with other races Edit

Dwarfs Edit

Simply put, elves and dwarfs are rivals. The elves pride themselves on their advanced intelligence while dwarfs pride themselves on their simple but useful crafts.

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