In Irish and Scottish Mythology, Cailleach, also known as the Cailleach Bheur, is a divine hag, a creatix, and possibly an ancestral deity or deified ancestor. The word Cailleach means 'hag' in modern Scottish/Gaelic and has been applied to numerous mythological figures in Ireland and the Isle of Man.

In Scotland, where she is also known as Beira Queen of Winter, she is credited with making numerous mountains and large hills, which are said to have been formed when she was striding across the land and accidentally dropped rocks from her apron. In other cases she is said to have built the mountains intentionally, to serve as her stepping stones. She carries a hammer for shaping the hills and valleys, and is said to be the mother of all the goddesses and gods.

Cailleach displays several traits befitting the personification of Winter: she herds deer, she fights Spring, and her staff freezes the ground.


  • Blizzard Creation
  • Freezing
  • Creation
  • Nature Manipulation