Manannán mac Lir also know as Barinthus is the Irish deity of the sea. He is the son of the obscure Lir. Manannán appears in many Celtic myths and tales, although he only plays a prominent role in some of them.


In the tale "His Three Calls to Cormac", Manannan tempts the Irish King Cormac Mac Airt with treasure in exchange for his family. Cormac is led into the Otherworld and taught a harsh lesson by Manannán, but in the end his wife and children are restored to him. Also, Manannán rewards him with a magic cup which breaks if three lies are spoken over it and is made whole again if three truths are spoken also he is said to protect the Isle of man with his cloak of mist when trouble comes.
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The tale "Manannan at Play" features the god as a clown and beggar who turns out to be a harper. Manannán, here in his trickster guise, plays a number of pranks, some of which resulting in serious trouble; by the end of the tale, he compensates for the pranks that got him in trouble.


  • Death Sense
  • Ocean Manipulation
  • Vapor Manipulation
  • Water Manipulation
  • Weather Manipulation