In Irish Mythology, Balor of the Evil Eye (sometimes spelled Balar or Bolar) was a king of the Formorians, a race of giants. Balor was notable for his eye in the middle of his forehead and one directly opposite at the back, which meant he couldn't be sneaked up on from behind. According to prophecy, Balor was to be killed by his grandson.

Lugh led the Tuatha in the second Battle of Magh Tuiredh against the Fomorians. Ogma disarmed Balor during this battle, but Balor killed Nuada with his eye. Lugh shot a sling-stone which drove Balor's eye out the back of his head
ABalor by rorypyro

One legend tells that, when Balor was slain by Lugh, Balor's eye was still open when he fell face first into the ground. Thus his deadly eye beam burned a hole into the earth. Long after, the hole filled with water and became a lake which is now known as Loch na Súl, or "Lake of the Eye"


  • Destruction
  • Disintigration
  • Heat Vision
  • Troll Physiology

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