An angel fell down from the sky. Sadness and grief surrounds everyone. There is no turning back once we fell down.


Nina La Fronte sat down on the corner of the room. No one seemed to see her, as if she is invisible to the others. Nina opened her journal and wrote down a few words. Sad. Lonely. Violence. She ripped a paper out of the journal and crumple it. She put it inside her mouth and chewed on it repeatedly. 

No one saw her, no one cared. Everyone just laughed, cried and fool around with each other. The teacher went inside, discussed, joke around, called students then left the room. Not once did she looked at the girl sitting at the farthest corner of the room silently chewing that piece of paper.




One by one the students left the room, when everyone was gone the girl spit the chewed paper on the trash can. And like the others she left the room as well.To the others it was just a normal high school day, but to her it was torture. It pains her to be rejected, to be all alone. Some of you might say that this is also her fault. Afterall, if she really wants to make friends she should have sitted on the center of the room, talk to others, shout out that she wants to have friends. 

Everyone thinks differently, but we all know what it feels to be in that girl's position. We all know the feeling of loneliness, sadness and grief. We all know..

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