Sorin was born in Holycity on the 34th day of Frostveil (the equivalent to our November). Sorin was born in Castle Freighast, also known as the Palace of Kings, to Solara and Siegfried. He is the second oldest in his family, the oldest being his brother Cole (Omega). For Sorin's first 10,000 years of life (10 in human years), he grew up alone in his house- his father and brother being part of the Angel Guard and his mother having owned a shop in town. On his 11,000 birthday, Sorin was apprenticed to Angelo de Urialas, an old and wise veteran soldier. He trained Sorin for 8,000 years until Sorin was accepeted into the Holycity Guard at the age of 19,000.


Sorin was born into a medium sized family, his family tree being depicted here:

Father: Siegfried          Mother: Solara

1st Child: Cole (Omega)

2nd Child: Sorin (Alpha)

3rd Child: Auriala (Delta)

4th Child: Angelica (Zeta)

5th Child: Samuel (Epsilon)


Sorin carries the Demon Butcher, a thin great sword given to him upon winning the Battle of Stone Keep.

Sorin has the unique Angelic ability known as Stone Skin, which allows him to turn his skin to stone.

Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 34th of Frostveil
Current age 20,000 (20 in human years)
Gender Male
Family Omega (Brother)

Epsilon (Brother) Delta (Sister) Zeta (Sister)

Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color White
Skin Color Fair
Height 6'8"
Weight (in lbs) 128
Alias Alpha
Affiliation Angels, Holocity Guard, Elite Squad
Weapons Demon Butcher (Greatsword), Angelic powers
Rank Archangel
Home Holycity, Holoverse
Appearances None
Quests None

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