The Goddess Ahti is possibly the most weird maladjusted of all Eqyptian deities as to the combination of animals to which she was built. Little of her is known except from depictions and her personality was said to be Spiteful. Hippos has always represented disordered and strength and was feared by people, and her body was made from this heavy creatures. The small head it isn't easy to identify at first with horns like an antelope fashion plus big eyes. But in fact it is a wasp with antennas. This animal had a bad reputatuion among people due to its irritating sting which could be highly dangerous. Combined with the fearful hippopotamus this goddess had a character leaning towards Evilness and chaos. Some bugs were not popular as object in art with two exceptions- the honey giving bee and the always present house fly. Ahti's provenance is unknown and she understandably had no place in amulets and such seldom depicted.