This character belongs to Duskinoirgull22, and will more than likely be sugested in every story he enters.

personality and biographyEdit

Aaron has a dark and twisted past that he proclaims as " the highlight of his dark and tortured soul ", it started when he was in elementry school when his friends betrayed him and made fun of him bullied him to a degree he couldnt take it, so he took matters into his own hands and he almost sluatered everyone at his school, after extreme intinsive care he got called "the devils son" in middle school and still got picked on and harassed (little did he know he was actually the devils grandson and was banished from hell for saving an innocent human) other than that he is a fair, nice and kindhearted soul, until you make him mad or are in battle with him.


Aaron has 4 powers so far

death: Aaron can raise and destroy an army of the undead at ease.

life: Aaron even though he is the grandson of lucifer , he was saved by god making him be able to control and make plants to asist him in battle.

blood: Aaron can control any body of blood to his every will (including using it to heal allies).

lycan: Aaron is a lycan and can transform into a wolf at will.

shared abillitiesEdit

healer: Aaron can heal his allies using his blood but it may put a demon inside the person he is healing

thief: Aaron when angry enough (or happy enough) can do a curse where the enemies power will be drained into his allies (including him) until the enemies power is completely gone and the enemy turns into ash.

barriers: Aaron can use his blood or life abillities to create a shield for him or his allies (also both).