A tale of a newborn vampire who is struggling to control his lust for blood and he has great more problems when
A Vampires Tale
his vampire family move and he has his eye (and nose) on a certain girl.


Justin Cole- A Newborn Vampire and main character of the story, After being found nearly dead in 1809 he was turned into a vampire by Carl Cole, a Master Vampire, to save his life.

Katherine Dawn- A girl who Justin meets on his first day at his school and he instently gets a taste for her blood.

Rose Cole- A vampire and foster sister of Justin, Alice, Dermet and Dan.

Alice Cole- A vampire and foster sister of Justin, Rose, Dermet and Dan, she has the power to read minds and see the future.

Dermet Cole- A vampire and foster brother of Justin, Rose, Alice and Dan, he is the strength in the family.

Dan Cole- A vampire and foster brother of Justin, Rose, Alice and Dermet, he is a master of combat and is the soul mate of Alice Cole.

Carl Cole- A master vampire and member of the ancient vampire coven and second in command of the great Vampire King.

Isabella Cole- The Vampire wife of Carl Cole and fellow Master Vampire

Chapter One: Justin POVEdit

I ran threw the forest.

My feet moving faster then a wolves, my prey, a common stag, jumped over a fallen tree and for a second was blocked out of view.

That quickly changed, i jumped on the tree then jumped again and landed halfway up a large tree, i dug my fingers in the hard bark and climbed higher and higher till i saw the stag.

I ran along a thin branch, jumped and glided a bit till i was practically was hovering above the ground and i was just metres behind the stag.

I lunged.

I grabbed the stag's leg and both me and it rolled on the ground, as we stopped the poor creature whined in fear, i raised my hand and whispered "Rest in peace" and i snapped its pathetic throat.

I tore into the beasts skin and drank deep gulps of blood.

Finally, when my thirst was satisfied i buried the poor creature a grave and placed it inside, i then buried it.

Suddenly there came a rustle and then came my brother, Dermet.

He stared at the grave "Again man?" I nodded "This is my choice, it served its purpose and it desearved to be buried" "Its a freaking animal man!" "And we're the same!"